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Below you will find a bunch of information all about Montreal and it’s basics, and not to mention its uniqueness as well… What makes it so great?! And what doesn’t? ..And so on, and so on.
Check back in a little bit! It is going to be extremely interesting and worth reading!

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The Many Pros and Cons of Montreal

Montreal is one of the most unique parts of Canada for all to explore. There are many great parts of Montreal that make it stunning but there are a few issues to watch for as well. This is a great city if you know what’s around it.


It Has Many Special Areas

There are all sorts of unique places all around Montreal for people to explore. The downtown section is especially popular for its modern flair. Rue Sherbrooke and Rue St.-Catherine are especially popular places for offering some fine shopping destinations.
The Old Montreal area is also home to many historic buildings and features some beautiful surroundings. This peaceful part of town is not too far from the Plateau Mont Royal, a place that is home to many ethnic shops and restaurants that represent all sorts of cultures from all parts of the world.


Fine Dining Is Available8741842

The options that are available for fine dining around the country are all worth exploring. These include places that offer all sorts of fine dining options that cater to French cuisine and maritime foods. The options that are open for sale here include some attractive options that cover a number of fine tastes with places that offer seafood being popular. From Area and Le Blanc to L’Express and St.-Viateur Bagel and Cafe, there are many good options to explore.


A Good Arts Sceneklinkoff

The arts scene around Montreal is also very strong. The city is home to a large variety of galleries including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts among many other smaller places like the Galerie Alan Klinkhoff and Galerie Michel-Ange. The Orchestre Symphonique and Grands Ballets Canadiens performance centers and groups are among the most popular attractions to see as well.


Language Is An Issueidontspeakfrench

There are some issues that come with Montreal though. In particular, there is a real debate over what language should be used in the city. While English and French are rather prevalent throughout the city, there is a great divide between people who speak these languages. In fact, it may be rather easy to tell the difference between places where English is welcome and spots where people need to use French if they actually want to get anywhere.


It’s Hard To Get Aroundbusstationwaiting

The public transportation systems in Montreal have been known to be a real challenge for some to get around on. While the STM can be useful, the selection of trains to use is rather limited. This can be a real issue for some people but it is one that is worth exploring at a given time in the future.


Enaction_Gilles_rathe_1600The Sports Scene Is Tough

While the Canadiens hockey team is very popular, sports outside of hockey in Montreal have not been as popular. These include such things as the Alouettes football team. Of course, the evidence of this concern is clear over the Expos having left town years ago.


Overall, Montreal is a fun place to check out but it is something that should be explored for both sides. Montreal has all sorts of fine things for all to explore as desired but it is best to see what is open in some place.

Information about Montreal


nightlifeMontreal is known for its festivals, tourist places and nightlife as the main source of recreation of the people visiting from all over the world. The most important events during several musical festivals like the Montreal Francofolies, a festival of French-language music and Montreal International Jazz Festival are organized at the plaza on Place des Arts. Various performances are presented at various other places ranging from small clubs to the large halls as well as terraced parks and off-street barricaded venues for outdoor shows.

Tourism Tourismis also important for recreation of tourists in Montreal. Every year millions of visitors from all over the world including France, United States, Japan and Mexico etc. are entertained by this city.

Night clubs in Montreal became the main source of recreation for the Americans during the period of prohibition in United States. Its nightlife bustles till late night up to 3 am with the presence of university students as after the age of 18 years any one can drink freely in this city.



The cooking culture in Montreal is influenced by various communities living in this city including Greek, Italian, Lebanese, Jewish, etc. The restaurants in Montreal serve mixed variety of food to their customers. Montreal style bagels and foodMontreal smoked meat sandwiches are two popular Jewish cuisines available in these restaurants. Japanese sushi and Lebanese shish taouk sandwiches and falafels are also popular among locals and tourists of Montreal. Montreal is known as one of the cities having largest number of restaurants in the world due to the wide variety of foods available here.


Real estate

According to the reports released by the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Board or QFERB at present the sale of homes in Montreal metropolitan area is down at present. According to them the sale of homes in the city has fallen by 5% and reached to the lowest level in past 10 years. All the three categories of real estate in Montreal including condominium, single-family homes and multiplexes are affected by the slump in the market. Recent provincial elections and high unemployment are considered as the main reasons of this down fall in Montreal real estate market.



A number of sports and fitness opportunities including swimming pools, stadiums, gymnasiums and skate parks are available in Montreal. Various municipal and non-municipal facilities are available in Montreal for the kids to play various types of sports including hockey, skating, swimming, etc. Most of the municipal sports and recreational facilities are managed by 19 boroughs of the city. Montréal Soccer Centre, Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard and Complexe récréatif Gadbois are some of the venues in Montreal where French speaking players can enjoy a wide variety of sports and other physical fitness activities. Le TAZ Skate Park is a unique roller sports park in Montreal which provides skating, BMX cycling and skateboarding facility round the year to the people living in Montreal and nearby areas.



French music is more popular in Montreal as it is mostly inhabited by French speaking people. Offenbach, Cowboys Fringants and Beau Dommage are among the local music artists who used to attract large number of audiences few years back. Diane Dufresne was famous among international rock stars as he used to fill Olympic stadium of Montreal during his performances.

Various musical events held on the Quebec national holiday also attract thousands of people for the city and nearby areas. Along with French music, English music is also popular among English jazzfestivalspeaking people living in Montreal. Arcade Fire, Simple Plan, Wolf Parade, the Unicorns, and Mobile are among the current popular English bands and artists in this city. The Montreal International Jazz Festival is among the most popular musical events of this city as along with the players of classical jazz music a great variety of artists from all over the world also present a wide variety of musical performances in it.


Demographic Information about Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada which houses almost half of the population of the province of Quebec. This metropolis city is also known as the most populous city of Canada since more than one and a half century. It is also referred as cultural capitalpi_map_neighbourhoods of Canada as it has centers of French language radio and TV production, film, theater, print media and multimedia centers of Canada. Its neighboring city Quartier Latin is crowded with cafes which are the center of musical and literary activities. The local culture of Montreal is supported by the cultural activities of many communities. Information about Montreal’s population, transport, education and culture is provided in this write up for your consideration



According to census reports submitted in 2011 population of proper Montreal city was 1,649,519, whereas that of Montreal metropolitan area was 3,824,221, which was almost 5.2% more than the metropolitan population in 2006. During 2012-13 the growth rate of the population of Montreal was recorded as 1.135% as compared to 1.533% of the whole Canada. Reports published about future prospects regarding population of this city stated that by 2030 in metropolitan area it is expected up to 5,275,000 whereas in the city proper it can be up to 1,722,000.



The democratic culture in Montreal has provided a permanent municipal transport facility to its residents. The subway lines also known as Metro and bus services in the city allow people to travel all over the city at much low cost as compared to various other large cities of Canada. Four lines of Metro running under the city, every station of which is designed and decorated in different style, allow you to go up to the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, Longueuil.

Public transport in Montreal city is available since 1847 in the form of buses mounted on sleighs. In 1868 during winter these sleigh mounted buses were replaced with rail cars. The entire system was electrified in 1894 and horsecar services were withdrawn completely. Montreal-Dorval handles domestic as well as international airports of Montreal including its charter, commercial and cargo flights.



Throughout the province of Quebec, Roman Catholic and Protestant, a dual school education system supported by public treasury, is available for the students. These institutions rigidly follow religion and French or English language is used for instructing students. In terms of higher education Montreal is among the out standing cities of Canada since nineteenth century when in 1821 McGill University was established. In 1974 Loyola College and Sir George Williams University merged to become Concordia University where education is offered only in English language. For French population of Montreal the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec are available in this city.



Being a North American city the culture of Montreal characterizes the cultures of many cultural communities of the continent such as long lasting tradition of rock and jazz music, infrequent experimentation in theater and visual arts along with dance and music and traditional demonstration of high culture. Moreover the combination of English and French traditions has also popularized Montreal throughout the world as a center of eminent cultures. Social, cultural events and festivals in Montreal also depict a distinguished cultural image of this city.